Awards and Position Papers

Award Eligibility

To be eligible for awards, you must submit your position papers.  Also, position papers will be eligible for Yale MUN's Essay Contest. Both our Peer Editing Committee (PEC) and Mrs. Henderson are there to help.

How to start

Begin by reading your topic guide.  Then do what we always do:  

  1. Learn about your country.

  2. Learn about your committee.

  3. Learn about your topic.

Topic Guides

Position Paper Guidelines

Each delegate should write two position papers, one on each topic. Delegates are asked to do whatever is most convenient and comfortable for them, and to cite all of their sources in whichever way is familiar to them. Each position paper should follow the same format and should each be 1-1.5 pages long and address the following three questions:

  1. What is the problem?

  2. How does the problem affect my country/organization?

  3. What does my country/organization think should be done to solve this problem on a global scale?

Each section should be about a paragraph long, and those headings can be used if you should so desire, but they are more guidelines on how your position papers should be constructed. Position papers are typically single-spaced and are written in Times New Roman font, size 12. It should be formally written (i.e. no contractions, write out acronyms the first time they are mentioned, etc.) A bibliography is not required.  

Position Paper Schedule

The deadline for submitting position papers to the PEC is December 27, 2018. Once you have submitted them, the PEC will review them and give you feedback. Once you have incorporated their feedback, Mrs. Henderson will perform a final edit of your papers. The deadline for final review submission to Yale is January 8th, 2019 BUT to have your papers reviewed by your Yale committee chairs, you must have Mrs. Henderson's final approval.

Even if you miss the peer editing deadline, send your papers to the PEC as soon as they are finished—they will still try to edit them.

To submit your papers to be edited:

  1. Put your paper on a Google Doc

  2. Turn ON editing capability

  3. Share it with the Peer Editors: TBA

Please email ???? if you have questions about Google Docs, the submission process, or anything else related to position papers.

Global Exchange Program

The Global Exchange program is a a unique learning experience with some of Yale's most eminent professors for "highly motivated and exceptional delegates" which encourages delegates to grapple with major issues and fundamental international questions that they will face as the next generation of leaders. Delegates are selected from a pool of applicants to participate in this program.