Yale MUN Conference

January 18th- January 21st

Yale University

9th grade and up (experienced 8th graders are also welcome)


(If we fill up prior to this date we will announce that registration is closing early)



Additional volunteer chaperones needed:

  • Thursday 4:00 PM until after dinner ~ 6:00 PM: 
    Drive Mrs. H. to the Omni and wait (park) outside while she registers which takes a little while. When done, drive Mrs. H me to the restaurant where the kids will be.  Chaperone is invited to stay and eat dinner.
  • Friday morning 8:00 - 11:00 AM: Mrs. H. will be taking some of the kids to Global Exchange and Yale Day. But some of the kids would like to sleep in or have schoolwork to do, and so should stay at the hotel. 
  • Saturday morning 7:45-9:00 AM: Take the kids to breakfast and get them on their way (only if we have students in Midnight Crisis on Friday night),*
  • Saturday evening: (only if anyone wants to go to the dance.)* 

Schedule of Events

Awards and position Papers

    Committee ASSIGNMENTS & Topic Guides

    Live streaming 2018


    A four-day international relations simulation for high school students held annually on Yale University’s campus in New Haven. Bringing together roughly 1,800 delegates from over 40 countries, YMUN connects youth from around the world with Yale, New Haven, and each other. At YMUN, delegates from all over the world engage with each other through debate and attempt to solve wide-ranging international issues of immense importance. YMUN is an exciting opportunity for students to take on the challenging roles of UN representatives and members of other international bodies and national cabinets and learn about the workings of the United Nations. Students develop skills in diplomacy, cooperation, and critical thinking that motivate lifelong global citizenship.


    Delegates will have the opportunity to meet and interact with more than 200 Yale University undergraduates in and out of committee session. YMUN is hosted on Yale’s beautiful campus and allows delegates to experience what Yale University has to offer. Through dynamic events and activities, delegates engage with Yale students and professors to not only learn more about international relations, but also gain insight into college life and beyond. Delegates will have a chance to engage deeply with Yale’s professors, students, and extracurricular groups. 

    LODGING, Transportation, Meals, and Clothing

    We will be staying at Courtyard Marriott New Haven at 30 Whalley Ave. These are very long days and, depending on what committees our kids are placed in, some of them may be doing crisis’ which can occur at any time even when they are out of committee. There are also events showcasing Yale to the delegates and allowing them to interact with Yale faculty which we will attend. Parents should plan to drop off their children on Thursday and pick them up on Sunday afternoon. This is not an event where parents can attend.

    Security Considerations

    The conference organizers have very comprehensive security measures in place.  Security measures include, security detail around committee sessions, at dismissals, between the committee rooms and they even patrol the hotels, including ours, and enforce curfews!

      Drop off/Pick up

      Driving with Mrs. Henderson: The morning MUN class will be held the Thursday before leaving. If your child is driving with Mrs. Henderson, they will be leaving from the Meetinghouse. Have them bring their suitcase and pack as compactly as possible because there won’t be much luggage space.

      If you will be driving them to the hotel: Plan to drop off your child Thursday at 4:00 PM at the hotel.

      If you will be driving them home: Plan to pick up your child Sunday around 2:00 PM at the hotel.

      Thursday the delegates will have an early dinner, then go to a delegate training, followed by opening ceremonies and then the first committee session from 8:45 to 11:30PM.

      Cash and meals

      1. Send enough cash with your child for three dinners, three breakfasts and two lunches, plus any snacks they may want to buy. Restaurant spreadsheet.
      2. Pack snacks and drinks for your child to have throughout the weekend, as there will actually be very little time for them to go purchase food.


      1. Wear comfortable clothing to travel in.  They will change at the hotel.
      2. Have your child dress appropriately for the weather and for walking around a large campus and to various restaurants.
      3. Conferences: Western business attire. Boys wear a jacket and tie; girls wear a skirt, pants, or dress and a sweater or jacket.


      $250 deposit per delegate; this includes school and advisor registration and fees and delegate registration and participation fee for four days. The hotel cost will depend on the number of students registered.  Last year it was approximately $240 per student for the 3 nights. You will be billed for this and the coach's expenses after the event once we have tallied the outstanding expenses.