Position papers


  1. Position papers are due to the peer committee by 5:00 PM October 30th. They will suggest edits which you should accept or decline by Wednesday at 8 pm.

  2. You need two position papers - one for each topic.

  3. Please share your position papers on Google Docs with:

    1. Marlah at:  4throck02@gmail.com

    2. Claribel at: ClaribelConnor@charter.net 

    3. Mrs. H. at:  AnnWalshHenderson@gmail.com

   Please make sure you editing privileges.


  • 1-3 double spaced pages

  • Position papers must be MLA formatted with in text citations and a bibliography (no cover page).

  • Each delegate is responsible for writing two position papers, one for Topic A and another for Topic B.

  • The idea of a position paper is to understand and describe your country's position as well as you can based on your research.  This will provide you with a clear and concise place to start your debate in committee.  Your position paper will guide your country's debate. 

  • Include how the country you are representing feels about the topic being discussed in committee.

  • Be sure to include any pertinent nation legislation, what their position has been in the General Assembly, etc.

  • Please utilize the background guides that Directors and Assistant Directors have provided for your particular committee.  

  • The background guides provide a wealth of information about the topics.  Included in each background guide are possible starting points for research, especially the bloc positions section.  Examining the references that our Directors have provided are great places to start your research. 

  • Remember, the more research you put into your position paper, the easier it will be to describe your country's point of view on the topic.  This will ensure you will be able to start debating from the very first committee session all the way through the sixth and final committee session.  More research means more understanding, and more understanding will lead to the most productive committee sessions!

Sample Position Paper Outline

Sample Position 1

Sample Position 2