Committee Assignments

  1. Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC): CHARLES (Libya)

    1. Topic: Arms Trade to Areas in Conflict; With Special Reference to Yemen and : Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles


  2. International Law Commission (ILC): Nepal and the United States -- CLARIBEL (United States)

    1. Topics = Protection of the Atmosphere and International Cybercrime Laws


  3. Joint Crisis Committee (JCC) - Mary Queen of Scots: James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray (brother) (You will be provided with bios of these people) - BRENDAN

  4. JCC - Elizabeth the First: Edward de Vere - MICHAEL H.

    1. Topic:  English Succession Crisis

    2. The year is 1558 C.E. and Queen Mary I of England has fallen ill, and having been unable to bear a child, names her half-sister Elizabeth I her heir much to her disdain. Elizabeth I is the child of the late King Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Due to the annulment of her parents’ marriage, as well as her Protestant faith, Elizabeth is deemed illegitimate in the eyes of the Catholic faith, and her ascension to the English throne has disgruntled Church officials in the Vatican as well as Catholic nobles at home. According to traditionally-held canons of succession, the true heir to the English throne is Mary, Queen of Scots, a devout Catholic, and great niece of King Henry VII of England. The controversy surrounding the English throne will persist as long as both Queens with claims to the throne are alive. Thus, the privy councils of Mary, Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I strategize amongst themselves in order to hold the English crown.


  5. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP): Philippines and Qatar - MARLAH (Qatar);  Kay-Lin (Philippines)

    1. Topic = The Coral Catastrophe and Air Pollution in Industrialized Nations


  6. World Food Programme (WFP): Myanmar and the Russian Federation - NANDINI (the Russian Federation)

    1. Topic = GMOs within International Food Supply and Depletion of the Agricultural Workforce due to Urban Migration