“I am soooooooo excited for the start of Westfield!!!”
— M.H. - Student, September 2017

"I now separate my life into BD (before debate) and DD (during debate). I hope it never becomes AD (after debate.)"  B.M.

"Working with you in debate has been one of the single most formative experiences of my life."  M.C.

"I wish Mrs. Henderson's classes were meeting right now [during the summer] to discuss everything.  So many kids have different view points & information to share. It makes it more fun to hear what everyone thinks about the [events]."  C.K.

“I really want to give you a huge thank you…for making my experience at Westfield so enjoyable. Not only was I able to develop the typical debate skills and see myself improve as both a thinker and communicator, but I was also able to learn from fellow students who were among the most intelligent, thoughtful, and kind individuals I have ever met. It is honestly hard to articulate how grateful I am for my academic and personal growth due to Westfield, and I definitely hope to stay in touch!” G.M. (a high school senior)

"Thank you so much for all the support and experience you bring to debate!!"  G.P.

"I just wanted to thank you for being such a great and dedicated teacher!  My parents forced me to sign up for your class my first year and I was terrified on my first day!  I've become so much more comfortable with public speaking and it's all thanks to you!"  H.A.

"I have my time at Westfield Academy listed prominently as I consider it to be one of the major experiences that has shaped my academic self today."  A.S. (from a graduate of Westfield)

"You are my favorite teacher!!" M.S.

"I wanted to let you know that I am so grateful for you, and all the amazing opportunities you've brought into my life that have shaped who I am as a young woman and student today."  E.F. (from a graduate of Westfield) 

"My experience  has been amazing, I have become a better speaker, listener, and overall a better person." G.S.

"Thank you for taking your time helping me prepare for my first debate competition! I really learnt a lot today and really like it. Also thanks for offering me a lot of extra help and assigning me an excellent partner. I really want to [do another] debate competition! J.Z. (an international student from China) 

“Westfield has bettered me both as a debater and a person and I have learned so much in the time that I have been a part of it.” J.G.

"I just got back from an informational meeting for a Speech & Debate Club at my school, and it makes me appreciate your class SO much more.  Just wanted to say how much your program meant to me and how much I appreciate it - especially now.  Miss you all so much and just wanted to say Thank You!"  C.H. (from a student who moved out of state).

"I have debated for Westfield longer than I have lived in any one place or gone to any one school.  Debate has given meaning and significance to the intellectual pursuits I have always enjoyed and it has brought me into contact with amazing people.  It is not an exaggeration to say that it has been one of the most important elements of my life."  J.W.

"You were so supportive and kind to me, I want to thank you so, so much." G.P. (from a former Westfielder who is now in college).

"You're so sensitive to and aware of class dynamics that it's hard to get left behind in your class.  One of the many joys of being a Westfield student!"  M.C.

"You are an amazing, extraordinary teacher!  Debating is so fun!"  B.B.

"I loved taking debate and MUN at Westfield, and I definitely miss it. You were an excellent coach and my experience in debate helped me tremendously in my academic work afterward." A.S. (from a graduate of Westfield)

"I wanted to personally reach out to you and thank you for welcoming me as part of the Westfield family, which has helped me evolve both as a debater and person in such a short span of time." K.D.

"I always will look at Westfield as my favorite place to debate." D.T.

"Classes at Westfield Academy are something unique and totally amazing. Each class is tailored to the participants, even while so much more than the art of debate is taught. A typical two-and-a-half hour class includes a brush-up on current events, one or two debates, and sometimes a round-table, or a lesson in ethics. The classes are interactive, with students pointing out new information, presenting new ideas, and giving constructive criticism the entire time. All this leads to a very supportive environment, and the students are extremely friendly and helpful both in and outside of class. Overall, debating with Westfield Academy is a wonderful experience"  K.A.

 "The Debate was extremely fun! We got the third best team but it was only because of you and your wonderful teachings!" A.A.

"You have gone above and beyond in helping me with debate, accepting me into the Westfield family, and encouraging me to pursue my goals for the future."  D.H.

"I believe my time spent debating helped me to rid myself of stage fright and become a braver, certainly more convincing person."  A.S. (from a graduate of Westfield)

"I just wanted to thank you for all your years of help. You helped build my confidence in Public Speaking. Thank you so much Mrs. H!! You're the best!" (Sent by a student who had just got selected to be in an Off-Broadway production). D.M.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the love, learning, and love of learning you've offered me." M.C.

"You truly are the best teacher I have ever had!"  Z.S.