Scholarship Fund

Westfield's Scholarship Program

We need your help in continuing to make our program accessible to children from some of the most underserved communities in our state. Through our relationship with the Legacy Foundation of Hartford, we have reached out to students in some of the poorest schools in Hartford and, over the last few years, they have become an integral part of our community. The Legacy Foundation is a Hartford-based 501(c)(3) organization whose mission involves identifying and supporting innovative solutions to some of the biggest educational problems facing our community with an eye toward helping to close the education gap in CT. 

Legacy programs build solid foundation for Hartford students

These Legacy Westfielders attend debate classes, Westfield Annex classes and Westfield summer camp and participate in debate competitions and other events.  Both their parents and educators have told us that the Legacy students who attend Westfield are more motivated and have improved dramatically academically. They are also rapidly improving as debaters: just last year, one of our Legacy Westfield students won a debate competition at the regional level and qualified to compete at the Connecticut State Middle School Policy Debate Quarterfinal! 

Unfortunately, much of Legacy's funding comes from the state and, unsurprisingly, this year Legacy's grant-based support has been severely slashed. In past years, these grants have covered the majority of our Legacy debaters' Westfield tuition. We want to keep our Legacy students at Westfield! For that reason, we are reaching out to you to ask for your assistance. 

Westfield is a transformative experience for children as they learn the skills to become confident, competent public speakers and oral advocates. Our program places great emphasis on mutual respect and positive reinforcement. We are focused on creating global citizens and lifelong learners.  Debate emphasizes critical thinking, effective communication, independent research and teamwork. Research shows that debaters tend to do much better in school overall and debating dramatically increases the chance of college admission and academic success. The skills debaters develop serve them well in school, in the workplace and in their communities.  

We live in an extremely divisive and polarized time in a country facing tremendous economic and educational disparities.  It is Westfield's and Legacy's belief that by helping children who don't otherwise have access to these kinds of educational opportunities, we begin to change the world - one child at a time.  Westfield works to empower all children to Find Their Voices.  It is our strongest and deepest hope that all our students, including our Legacy Westfielders, will effect real and positive change in their community. We also know that one of the gifts of Westfield is that we are a vibrant and incredibly diverse community. Our Legacy Westfielders bring a unique perspective to our group that greatly enriches all of us.

Westfield is starting a campaign to raise money for classes and competitions for our Legacy kids. We have set a bold goal of $15,000. This money will be used for debate classes, Annex Classes, debate competitions and camp.  We hope to find sponsors for these children. If you work for a company or a law firm or you are involved in an organization that you think might be interested in sponsoring one of our Legacy students, please let us know. We have Legacy and other Westfield students who have volunteered to talk to firms or organizations interested in potentially sponsoring to tell them more about their experience at Westfield and with debate. Sponsorships begin at $350 for our youngest kids.  All donations will be made directly to Legacy and are fully tax deductible. Please click the button above to make a donation. We are grateful for donations in any amount.  If you have other ideas for this campaign we would love to hear them!