Ridge Invitational Parliamentary Debate Tournament

Friday & Saturday, December 7-8, 2018

Ridge High School Basking Ridge, New Jersey

High Schoolers, 9th grade and up

(interested 8th graders please email Admin@WestfieldAcademy.net with interest)

Registration is closed



Mary Fleres


Everyone is guaranteed 5 rounds of Parli.  Everyone debates at least two rounds on Saturday.  Outrounds begin on Saturday afternoon so how late we return home will depend on how far our debaters go.  If someone goes all the way, it will be too late to drive home and we will call the Parent Coordinator and ask her to find us a hotel for Saturday evening. 


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You will receive an email with details the week of the event. Mrs. Henderson will be driving and will leave her place at 9:30 AM on Friday, December 7th. Students will need to miss school that day.

Meals, Snacks and Money

A Friday dinner and Saturday lunch and dinner will be provided to all competitors, judges, and chaperones. In addition, concessions will be available to purchase throughout the tournament.

Please have your child bring money for lunch on Friday and breakfast on Saturday and for extras, such as if they stop for coffee or ice-cream etc.

We recommend sending your child with extra healthy snacks and a water bottle to prevent dry mouth during the rounds.


Reservations have been made for Friday night at the Delta Hotel Basking Ridge (80 Allen Road, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920) Please see above for details re Saturday evening.


Dress for the tournament in business attire.  Boys should wear a jacket and tie; girls should wear a skirt, pants, or dress with a jacket or sweater. 


Students should have highlighters, paper and writing instruments to flow.


The registration and participation fee for this tournament is $90 per student.  The total deposit including individual and school registration and participation and judging fees is $140. Since this is a two-day event, the hotel, coaches expenses and transportation will be tallied after the competition has been completed and divided by the number of debaters who registered.

If you are willing and we need you to judge, you can have a portion of this fee waived by volunteering to judge. See below for details.


Each school has to provide a certain number of judges depending on how many teams they bring. Competition organizers take these responsibilities very, very seriously. They are very clear that they will blackball any school that does not fulfill their responsibilities.  We never want that to happen to us! If you are interested and able to judge, please indicate this when you register. Once registration is complete, we will know how many judges we need and we will contact you if we need you. We know this is a very big time commitment but this is the only way our kids can participate in debate tournaments.  As we normally do, we will distribute the judging responsibility among all our debaters who are competing.  Each of our competitors will be assessed a $50 judging fee for the tournament.  If that competitor's parent judges, that $50 fee will be reimbursed.  In addition, the person who judges will also be reimbursed their registration and participation fee.  The fee also allows us to offer non-competitor parents, or friends or neighbors who judge a fee for their services. We do need to provide trained judges so we will plan to provide materials and meet or talk to the judges we will be providing prior to the competition to prepare them if they don't feel ready.