I am so impressed by the amazing speakers you brought in this week and the experience these campers had - great staff as well!! What an awesome opportunity for all! I wish I could attend!!!
When I have a child s/he will definitely come to Westfield for camp!!
I am going to let everyone I know about it :)
— MB - Legacy Foundation Summer Program Coordinator.

"Last summer was great! We are hoping to come back this year." J.S.

"This camp is outstanding!"  B.L.

"WOW! what an experience! My daughter and her friend had the privilege of participating in this camp and she has learned so much. Ann Walsh Henderson is fantastic! Karen Koh, thank you! This is a serious learning environment. My daughter has even mentioned joining in this fall!"  M.B. (Mother of 2017 Week 2 Camper)

"My daughter was so pleased with the whole debate camp experience.  I'm so glad she had the opportunity to experience your debate magic!"  B.D. 

"My son was so thrilled to attend debate camp last week. And the past few days debate has been coming up a lot... 'that would make a good debate,' 'when we were at debate camp...', etc. Really a wonderful experience, and I was very happy I got to see all they accomplished in just 5 short days".  A.D.

"This program was excellent.  Both of my children loved it!  And it was lots of fun to watch the debates the last day." L.C.

"I can't tell you what a great time my three kids had with you and your crew last week at camp!!!!   They all just LOVE debate!"    H.T.

"My son thoroughly enjoyed camp!  Thank you so much for all of your work!  You should be very proud of the impact you are having.  The world definitely needs each of these young people's voices."  J.B.

"It is a wonderful camp! Both my sons love it and I can see some very positive changes on them as well as the debating skills. We will definitely come back next year!" R.W.

"What an amazing program you have...My son went from a kid who was only going because his friend was going, to maybe I don't want to go, to I'd like to go next year-I think I could improve my skills! Wow that says a whole lot about your staff & your program! We could certainly see everyone's passion. I wanted to thank you for helping my son to take this journey, he was extremely talkative on the way home!"  K.B. 

"My daughter loved her weeks at debate camp. She came back each day with such global awareness and confidence it made us proud. Thanks for a great camp!"  D.S.

"I want to personally thank you for the opportunity given to my son.  As a mom, I have the privilege of overhearing his conversations with friends.  He speaks of his experiences with such excitement and pride.  To date, I have only seen this level of personal engagement around his sports participation.  You have opened up a new world to him." K.F.

"Thanks to you and your amazing staff for a truly wonderful learning experience.  The Model UN week of camp my son attended was inspiring and fun for him.  He is looking forward to the opportunity to participate in the fall."  B.T. 

"Words really can't express how much I, as a parent, want to thank you for these last three weeks. They have sincerely been magical.  My son has come home every single day full of confidence and pride and joy. But even more than that, I've watched him grow exponentially more confident and mature. It's been amazing to see. THANK YOU for taking such good care of him and for the truly life changing experience!" T.B.

"My son found his niche!  I can never thank you enough!" "  A.M.

"Just wanted to let you know that both my girls enjoyed their first few days of camp so much and were very excited to go back today". M.D.

"Thanks for all you're doing this truly is an extraordinary experience." K.G.

"It is a wonderful camp! Both my boys love it and I can see some very positive changes in them as well as the debating skills. We will definitely come back next year!" R.W.

"It was so great for my son to be a part of the Model UN/Debate camp.  He really enjoyed meeting everyone, learning about the whole debate process, and being inspired by such gifted young people and adults.  I have to say that prior to going, he was fairly skeptical and hesitant about even attending, but by the end of the week was thanking us for sending him, and asking to come back next year ! Also, thanks so much for the very positive, self-esteem building environment that you and your leaders fostered-it made all the difference!  Thanks again for helping my son 'find his voice'." A.Z. 

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful week!  My son had a marvelous time.  So much so, that I don't believe he realized just how much he was learning!" H.K. 

"Thank you again for a fabulous week of camp." K.L.

"Oh my - my son loved camp!!  And won't stop talking about it.  He wants to now sign up for Debate Club while entering high school.  Thanks for everything" S.J.  

"My son loves debate camp! He was full of animation on the car ride home today. :-) He said he wants to take the weekly class in the fall."  J.N.

"Just wanted to let you know my son really enjoyed the speaker today. He’s not usually into things like that, so it was great to hear how much he enjoyed it."  G.K. 

"Thanks so much for all your hard work.  My daughter had such a great week she wants to return for another!  She is looking forward to another week of debate camp next week." A.L.

"Thank you so much for hosting camp this past week. My son and his friends thoroughly enjoyed it and learned quite a bit. In fact, they were debating later on last night."  L.D.

"My girls LOVED camp!"  K.R.