McGill University Debate Tournament

October 19th - 21st, 2018

845 Rue Sherbrooke W., Montreal, QC H3A OG4   Canada

8th grade and up

Registration is closed

Please note Westfield's policy for taking students across the border, below.


Parent Coordinator

Amy Shulman


This competition is appropriate for eight graders and up.  We are limited in the amount of debaters they will allow us to bring. Mrs. H. will try her best to get everyone who wants to compete, in. But please realize there is no guarantee that, by registering, you are in. It depends on how many teams the tournament allows each school to bring. Once registration closes, we will announce who will be competing and the rest of the registrants will be put on a wait list.


Six rounds of British Parliamentary (BP) Impromptu. This is a format that Canadian high school debaters do. It is loads of fun with additional layers of strategy. It is great practice for our debaters because it strengthens many of the skills we use in our other debate formats. In addition, BP is becoming increasingly popular in the US at the collegiate level so this is good training for our students. We will practice this format before the competition. If needed, there will be an additional workshop scheduled for outside of class for those going to McGill to give the debaters additional practice. 


Leave: Friday, October 19th in the wee hours of the morning. Mrs. H's house (11 Westfield Rd., West Hartford)

Return: Sunday, October 21st in the evening

Students will miss school on the 20th.  We have found in the past that when students explain where they are going and what they will be doing, that schools are very supportive of this activity.


Holiday Inn Montreal Centreville

999 St Urbain St, Montreal, QC H2Z 0B4, Canada


Dinner Friday night and breakfast, lunch and snacks on Saturday will be provided.  In the past, we have found that the kids are very hungry Saturday night by the time we finally get done and it is our tradition to go out to the same wonderful restaurant for a group dinner. At this point they know us and it is very fun. Even though the tournament provides meals, we have found that most of the kids also need extra food on Saturday during the day. Their brains are working hard and consuming a lot of energy! We don’t want anyone to be hungry so one of the chaperones makes a food run to a restaurant usually mid-morning and mid-afternoon and brings food back for the kids to eat in-between rounds. We will also need to eat out all day on Sunday and Friday on the way up. Debaters are encouraged to bring snacks with them for during the debates.


Mr. and Mrs. Henderson will chaperone.  They have rented a big van.  Depending on the number of competitors we might drive a second van as well.


There is a seminar at 4:00 on Friday, the 19th, to teach this debating format.  We will leave very early on Friday morning. We need to check into our hotel and get to campus no later than 3:15. This will give us enough time to register and then attend the seminar which was very good in past years. It is approximately a six-hour drive from West Hartford. If we leave by 6:15 Friday morning, we should get there by 2ish allowing for stops. This should be plenty of time. After the seminar, we debate 2 rounds Friday evening. Students will debate 4 rounds on Saturday. There will be a break to semi-finals. There will also be a Junior break. To be considered a junior team, debaters must be in 9th grade or below. The Grand Final will be Saturday night from 6 to 7 with an Award Ceremony to follow. Note, debate tournaments rarely, if ever, run on time so this will probably run later. One thing I really like about this competition is that they offer seminars between the rounds for us to attend; these cater to debaters of all levels. We will get up Sunday morning, eat breakfast, check out of the hotel and hopefully do a little sightseeing and then head home. We stop for dinner along the way and usually arrive home Sunday night.

Westfield's policy for taking Students across the border

Once we finalize the list of competitors, you will be directed by the Parent Coordinator to fill out paperwork that needs to be promptly completed and returned.

This is a big group of kids and we need to arrive at the competition that afternoon. If there would be a problem at the border crossing, it would impact every person's ability to compete. Each student must provide:

1. A notarized statement giving Mrs. Henderson permission from both parents to take their child across the border. Both parents' signatures must be notarized. The PC will send you this form once Registration has closed.

2. A valid passport. Only IF a child does not have a passport and is under the age of 18 is a certified birth certificate allowed. Please note, a passport is preferred.

CASH or credit IN MONTREAL (Canadian dollars)

Debaters will need money for the meals we will eat out and any additional spending money they want.  Please send your child with US dollars for meals in the United States and a card or Canadian dollars for Canada. AAA or similar travel cards are a good option.

Emergency CONTACT

Ann Walsh Henderson:  (860) 869-0513.  You can feel free to text her. The days are very full but Ann checks her emails in the evenings.


Deposit: $325, payable upon registration (see right). This cost covers the $150 registration and participation fee for the tournament and $175 toward the costs for lodging and transportation including van rental and insurance, gas, tolls and parking and coaches' expenses. We will stay two nights (Friday and Saturday). The exact cost for the hotel will depend on how many kids attend. We will split all hotel and transportation and group costs once we return. Last years' expenses for these costs amounted to an extra $130 per person. This is meant to give you an idea only - the costs vary depending on the number of students we bring.