LOOMIS Debate COmpetition

Sunday, January 13th, 2019 - 10:00 to 6:00

 High Schoolers, 8th grade and up

Loomis Chaffee High School, 4 Batchelder Road, Windsor, CT


(If we fill up prior to this date we will announce that registration is closing early)



Su Connor


  • Meet at Mrs. Henderson's at 9:30 am. If driving on your own, arrive at 10:00 a.m and go directly to the Dining Hall and wait for Mrs. Henderson. Do not register or sign-in, only the coach may do that.

  • Kids can call parents prior to leaving to update them on the estimated 6:00 PM return time.


In both the Novice and the Advanced Divisions, debaters will be given a 10 to 12- page research packet. Debaters will have one hour to work together in teams to prepare their cases using the packet (but no other research materials of any kind) before the rounds of debate begin. Thus, teams have access to exactly the same information, so the debates will be assessing how well you can work with that information to produce & defend cogent, persuasive arguments on both sides of the issue. After the one-hour preparation period, the debate competition will begin with each team debating both sides of the resolution. The first two rounds will be assigned (one round on each side) – on the third round the side will be decided in the room by coin flip.  In essence, it will be run like a CDA tournament. The affirmative side has an obligation to define the terms at the start of the debate, but, of course, in a way that allows for good debate to take place. Since this is most likely a policy change debate the affirmative case should include a sketch of a plan to implement that change. 

In both the Novice and Advanced divisions the format of the debates will be 6-minute constructive speeches, 3 minute cross examinations, and 4-minute rebuttals.

At the conclusion of the 3 rounds of debate, there will be supper and an Awards ceremony.

 Schedule of Events

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The total cost per debater is $86. This includes the participation cost, including two meals, and the judging fee.  

Judging: we need judges!

If a competitor provides a judge, the $20 judging fee will be waived.  In addition, everyone who agrees to judge will not be required to pay the participation fee - that fee is paid for by the judging fees of the other competitors who are not providing a judge.  This distributes the judging responsibility among all the debaters and ensures that everyone who wants to can compete regardless of finances.  If we are short judges, we try to find non-competitor parents, or friends or neighbors to judge and offer them the fees for their services.  We must provide trained judges, and to prepare them, Ann will provide materials and meet or talk to the judges prior to the competition. You can pay online below.  We are required to provide trained judges.  The number of judges we need depends on the number of competitors we bring.  This is the way these competitions work: If we do not provide judges, our kids cannot compete.  Judging is a very big time commitment.  We leave early and return late.  Judges are "on" for a big part of the day.  Judges also have to be prepared and willing to be trained before judging. Having said this, judging is very fun.  Although it might seem intimidating the first time, people always want to do it again. In order to be as fair as possible, we distribute the judging responsibility among all those competing. 

To volunteer to judge, train, or mentor a team, please email us at Admin@WestfieldAcademy.net


The students will be fed two meals: a brunch and a dinner. Students may want to bring snacks for between rounds and a water bottle to prevent dry mouth during the rounds.

Dress Code