“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it”
— Joseph Joubert
“Part of the reason the Stoneman Douglas students have become stars in recent weeks is in no small part due to the fact that they are in a school system that boasts . . . of a ‘system-wide debate program that teaches extemporaneous speaking from an early age.’ Every middle and high school in the district has a forensics and public-speaking program. Coincidentally, some of the students at Stoneman Douglas had been preparing for debates on the issue of gun control this year, which explains in part why they could speak to the issues from day one. . .These kids aren’t freaks of nature. Their eloquence and poise . . . represent the absolute vindication of the extracurricular education they receive.”

— https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/02/the-student-activists-of-marjory-stoneman-douglas-high-demonstrate-the-power-of-a-full-education.html
 Who's this 'standout' debater?

Who's this 'standout' debater?

 Who's debate team dared to beat Harvard's?

Who's debate team dared to beat Harvard's?


There are many reasons to learn to be an effective public speaker and debater  

  • Students of debate develop their critical thinking skills and analytical reasoning ability
  • They learn about history, politics, current events, geography and economics as they prepare for their debates.
  • Debaters listen better.
  • They improve their note taking skills.
  • They gain confidence and maturity.
  • They are less likely to accept things at face value.
  • Debaters discuss important political, historical and scientific issues.
  • They learn about their world.
  • They develop intellectually and ethically.
  • They come to understand that there are almost always intellectually valid arguments to be made on both sides of even very contentious issues about which they feel strongly.
  • They become empowered.
  • But, most of all, KIDS LOVE IT! Debating is fun and exciting!!