Global Classrooms International Conference

An International Model UN Conference

Thursday, May 10th - Saturday, May 12th

Grand Hyatt Hotel, NYC

8th Grade and Up

Registration is closed

Position Papers due by Sunday April 29th 5:00pm

(If we fill up prior to this date we will announce that registration is closing early)



Amy Shulman

Logistical questions about the conference should be addressed to the Parent Coordinator.


We have attended the GCI Model UN (MUN) Conference for the last 5 years. This international MUN conference hosts more than 1,600 participants from a variety of countries. Most of the students in our class attended this conference last year and absolutely loved it. Opening and closing ceremonies are held at the United Nations. The kids learn a lot and find it to be very exciting and fun. There are many students attending from all over the world. Westfield has been incredibly successful winning an amazing 18 awards!! 

Schedule of Events

Position Paper Guidelines

GCI's Policies and Procedures

Dress Code

Country Assignment


Committee Assignments

Background Guides

  1. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - AIDAN 
    • Improving global emergency preparedness for nuclear crisis situations
  2. International Telecommunication Union (ITU) - BRENDAN
    • Bridging the Digital Divide
  3. United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women (UN Women) - HANNAH
    • Achieving gender equality post-2016 by eliminating violence against all women  
  4. United Nations Educational, Social & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) - KAY-LIN
    • Finding the right balance between tourism and conservation
  5. World Health Organization (WHO) - MEGHAN and NANDINI
    • Refugees and Health Conditions
  6. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) - CONRAD and HARRISON


It is Westfield's policy that parents do not attend debate competitions or MUN conferences unless they are judging or helping Westfield in some other essential capacity. When attending out-of-state competitions and conferences and those that require an overnight stay, students travel and stay together in the hotel as a team. The exceptions to this are the Middle School MUN Conferences where parents may stay with their children in the hotel.   Because we do not attend the GCI Middle School MUN, we have decided to make an exception for the GCI High School MUN Conference: Parents may stay with their children but are not required to.

Mrs. H. has reserved a limited number of rooms in the Grand Hyatt where she will be staying. Even though she got a deal on the rooms, they are still expensive. Our Parent Coordinator will provide you with this information. Parents are free to make whatever lodging and commuting plans are most convenient for them. Sometimes families share rooms or use hotel points to reduce the cost. Please let the Parent Coordinator know your plans once they are firmed up. If parents would prefer to have their child come with the team, please indicate this when you register.


Security is very tight. This is a drop-off event. Parents who come to New York are not allowed to attend the Conference Events. Parents who are staying with their children should plan to drop their child with Mrs. H. and/or the Parent Coordinator in the morning at the appointed time and place and return at the posted pick up time. Parents are free to spend the day in the city.  Mrs. H. will have a set place to meet the kids who are commuting each morning and again at the end of each day.  It is critical that everyone be on time because we have to go up as a group.  Mrs. H. will bring the group up at the appointed time so that the children can get to their committees on time.  If a child is late, please call Mrs. H. and let her know.  She will come down to meet you in the lobby as soon as she gets the other participants settled. 

Parents are not allowed upstairs.  Parents, please respect your denied access to this event. This is an invitational event and we want to do everything possible to avoid compromising our team's good standing relationship with GCI.   This is an international event. Security is strict. This is good!  Also, please bring any concerns or questions regarding the event directly to Mrs. H. A few years ago, a parent consulted directly with an event coordinator and then disregarded what they were told and went into a restricted access area. The Conference took this very seriously. There are children from all over the world participating and they take their security very seriously.  It took much time and effort on Mrs. H.'s part to smooth things over with GCI. Ann Walsh Henderson is our go-to-person for all things relating to this event. How lucky are we!  If you have a question or concern, ask her. Delegates are not permitted to leave the premises at any time. Faculty advisors will be contacted if delegates are found loitering in the hotel lobby or hallways during committee hours. Collectively our delegates and parents represent Westfield Academy.... It only takes one Bad Egg to damage our ability to attend in the future. Westfield students have always represented our school community and themselves incredibly well and we have a wonderful reputation. We never want that to change.  

At the last few GCI Conferences Mrs. H. has been able to arrange to let the parents attend the Final Awards Ceremony which is very exciting. She will do her best again this year but there is no guarantee.  


Must be prepared in the mornings!  Delegates will need to have a packed lunch to take with them in the morning so please plan ahead. Schools who try to go into Grand Central for lunch invariably are late returning and miss valuable committee time. We don't want our kids in that position so please come up with a plan for your child. One option if your child will be staying with the team is to send them with a insulated bag of food so they can put together a lunch each morning. In past years we have had a refrigerator in the room. We suggest you also send them with snacks.  


$260 per delegate; this includes non-refundable school and delegate registration and participation fee for the three days. The total for accommodations and coaches' expenses will depend on the number of students registered.  Last year it was approximately $288 per student for the 2 nights. You will be billed for this and the coach's expenses after the event once we have tallied the outstanding expenses. Please fill in and email the Video Release Form to after having registered.

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