CTMSDL: Won 1st Place Team and 2nd and 3rd Speaker Overall


Abhi, Ananya, Aravind, Nidhi, Ian, Evan, Claire, Grace, Sneha, Varun, Jay, Arvind and Rachel debated at the final CTMSDL competition of the season. With a record number of participants, Westfield had two of the top three individual debaters. Of the 243 debaters, Grace was ranked 2nd speaker overall and Ahbi was ranked 3rd speaker overall.  In fact, four Westfield debaters ranked in the top 10% of event participants. (Aravind was 23 and Nidhi was 24.)

Out of 81 teams, Grace and Abhi’s team earned first place. Westfield had two of the thirteen teams that won every round: Abhi and Grace’s team, as well as Rachel, Aravind and Arvind’s team.

Another amazing Westfield experience!