January 14th was nothing short of an incredible day for Westfield!  We brought 16 students to the private school league competition at Loomis:  Grace, Panchali, Kay-Lin, Claribel, Aravind, Charles, Jack, Marlah, Seamus, Oliver, Greg, Kyle, Meghana, Ryan, Patrick and Maxwell.   They all debated a very challenging resolution after spending an hour reading and discussing an informational packet:   Resolved, that in the United States of America, formal agreements, including Non-Disclosure Agreements and Out of Court Settlements, should never include a provision that a victim of sexual harassment is to remain silent about his or her sexual harassment as part of the agreement. 

Westfield swept!!  We won 1st Place Advanced Speaker - Maxwell,  2nd Place Advanced Speaker - Patrick, 3rd Place Advanced Speaker - Ryan and 5th Place Advanced Speaker - Meghana!! We also won Top Advanced team- Patrick and Ryan!  We also won Top Advanced Four-Person team - Ryan, Patrick, Maxwell and Meghana - with an incredible average of over 90 points per debater per round!  We also won Top Novice Speaker - Marlah - and 4th Place Novice team - Claribel and Marlah!!

This league includes Choate, Hotchkiss, Andover, Exeter and Roxbury Latin.  We have been competing for many years in this league.  I have never seen one school dominate a competition like this.  It was really exciting.