English in Action Middle School Debate Championship Tournament

Should reptiles be pets? Should the Olympics include video games? Should the US adopt a guaranteed minimum income level? These are just a few of the topics middle school students debated during the English in Action Middle School Debate Championship Tournament.

Grace Flynn, Abhi Aitha, and Akshat Juneja were specially invited to join debaters from 33 schools from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland and Colorado. They made up part of the 279 debaters who converged at Hackley School in Tarrytown, NY to participate in this annual Debate Championship tournament.



Eight of our eager MUNers, Nandini, Claribel, Seamus, Michael, Marlah, Isabelle, Charles and Oliver, graced the Woodstock Model UN 2018 conference and performed outstandingly!  Oliver Shulman received Honorable Mention, Charles Wang and Marlah Hohlfelder each received Outstanding Delegate, and Michael Herscovici earned a Best Delegate!  Congratulations to all eight of you for a job well done!



Abhi, Ananya, Aravind, Nidhi, Ian, Evan, Claire, Grace, Sneha, Varun, Jay, Arvind and Rachel debated at the final CTMSDL competition of the season. With a record number of participants, Westfield had two of the top three individual debaters. Of the 243 debaters, Grace was ranked 2nd speaker overall and Ahbi was ranked 3rd speaker overall.  In fact, four Westfield debaters ranked in the top 10% of event participants. (Aravind was 23 and Nidhi was 24.)

Out of 81 teams, Grace and Abhi’s team earned first place. Westfield had two of the thirteen teams that won every round: Abhi and Grace’s team, as well as Rachel, Aravind and Arvind’s team.

Another amazing Westfield experience!

Yale Osterweis

Kyle, Kay-Lin, Marlah, Panchali, Meghana, Benjamin M., Benjamin S, Ryan, Sharon, Greg and Oliver competed at the Yale Osterweis Debate Competition where Westfield defended its title from last year again winning the Yale Osterweis Debate Tournament and taking First Place Varsity Speaker!! Congratulations to Meghana and Kyle for winning and to Sharon for taking First Place Varsity Speaker!!! Congrats also to Ben S. and Ben M. for taking 2nd Place Varsity Team and Ryan for taking 7th Place Varsity Speaker!!Congratulations to Kyle and Meghana for winning the 2018 Yale Osterweis Debate Tournament; Sharon for taking First Place Varsity Speaker; Ben and Ben for taking Second Place Varsity team; and Ryan for taking 7th Place Varsity Speaker!!

Yale MUN

Congratulations to Patrick for winning an Honorable Mention at Yale MUN and to all our 13 delegates who spent 4 days at Yale debating issues of global importance! 


January 14th was nothing short of an incredible day for Westfield!  We brought 16 students to the private school league competition at Loomis:  Grace, Panchali, Kay-Lin, Claribel, Aravind, Charles, Jack, Marlah, Seamus, Oliver, Greg, Kyle, Meghana, Ryan, Patrick and Maxwell.   They all debated a very challenging resolution after spending an hour reading and discussing an informational packet:   Resolved, that in the United States of America, formal agreements, including Non-Disclosure Agreements and Out of Court Settlements, should never include a provision that a victim of sexual harassment is to remain silent about his or her sexual harassment as part of the agreement. 

Westfield swept!!  We won 1st Place Advanced Speaker - Maxwell,  2nd Place Advanced Speaker - Patrick, 3rd Place Advanced Speaker - Ryan and 5th Place Advanced Speaker - Meghana!! We also won Top Advanced team- Patrick and Ryan!  We also won Top Advanced Four-Person team - Ryan, Patrick, Maxwell and Meghana - with an incredible average of over 90 points per debater per round!  We also won Top Novice Speaker - Marlah - and 4th Place Novice team - Claribel and Marlah!!

This league includes Choate, Hotchkiss, Andover, Exeter and Roxbury Latin.  We have been competing for many years in this league.  I have never seen one school dominate a competition like this.  It was really exciting.