Nine middle schoolers competed in the final Connecticut Middle School Debate League competition (Deidre, Oliver, Ben Basset, Lucia V., Indira, Annika, Ariel, Grace and A.J.)  

Out of 168 debaters, A.J., Ariel and Grace were undefeated and took 3rd Place at the middle school competition Saturday! This is an especially amazing feat because it was A.J.'s first debate competition!  The team of Deidre, Oliver and Ben B. took 12th place.

Deidre was the highest speaker from Westfield taking 8th Place with Ariel right behind her at 9th.  A.J. took 18th place.  

Of 9 rounds between our 3 teams, we won 7!  And all 3 teams placed within the top third of the field.