Yale Osterweis

5 teams, Piper and Lily, Avery and Aidan, Jeren and Emily, Ben Mione and Maxwell and Patrick and Ben Small entered the Yale Osterweis competition.

Westfield did incredibly well: We swept the Novice division!!

We had a Novice Final of Westfield v. Westfield!!  Ben Small and Patrick won the Novice Division after a great Final rounds against their teammates Maxwell and Ben Mione!  Aidan and Avery made it to the Semi-Finals!  So, out of the 4 semi-finals Novice teams, 3 were Westfield!

On the Varsity side, Jeren and Emily made it to the semi-finals getting 3rd place Varsity team.

For Speaker Awards it was equally incredible:

For Novice Westfield won 6 out of the top 9 Novice Speakers in the Tournament:

  • 1st Place = Ben Small
  • 2nd Place = Patrick Henderson
  • 5th Place = Maxwell
  • 6th Place = Ben Mione
  • 7th Place = Aidan
  • 9th Place = Piper Gibson

For Varsity Speakers, we had 2 Varsity debaters and they took First and Second Speakers!

  • 1st Place = Jeren
  • 2nd Place = Emily

It is sometimes difficult to remember because Westfield is so very blessed.  These results are remarkable.  The vast majority of schools won nothing today.  And the most important part is not the trophies we brought home - but the skills they evidence.  And the fact that every time we go to one of these competitions, I think our school has the most fun and is the most supportive of each other!

Congratulations to all our debaters!