CT State Policy, HS

Westfield brought 8 debaters to the State Policy High School Competition:  Liam, Aidan, Piper, Eric, Ben Mione, Patrick, Jeren and Emily.

Emily and Jeren were undefeated through 3 rounds and are headed to the State Quarterfinals!!

Other Highlights:

  1. All of our teams won at least one of their two rounds.   
  2. Congrats to Liam on a job very well done at his first-ever debate competition!!
  3. Emily's cross-ex in the octafinals was a thing of beauty.  Within 7 minutes of the start of the round, she got her opponent to concede his entire case!!  I have only seen that happen one other time. Emily was incredibly professional but absolutely devastating in her questioning.  It was incredible to watch! 

Our debaters in action!