Westfield Academy was selected as an official viewing party of TEDxPlaceDesNations which was organized by the United Nations in Geneva on the topic of "Transforming Lives”. TEDx brought together 11 diverse and distinguished speakers from around the world, all with powerful and inspiring stories to tell: innovators, public health and energy specialists, human rights defenders and humanitarians, all of whom have made a real difference in people’s lives around the world.  The speakers were: Ranyee Chiang, Cookstove Technologist; Ger Duany, Refugee Ally; Scott Foster, Energy Activator; Thabitha Khumalo, Democracy Advocate; Beeban Kidron, iRights Campaigner; Dennis Liotta, Drug Discoverer; Şafak Pavey, Inclusion Champion; Didier Pittet, Hand-washing Provocateur; Coline Rapneau, Sexual Violence Adversary; Leonardo Sakamoto, 21st Century Abolitionist; and Rohini Swaminathan, Satellite Humanitarian.