Jeren, Emily, Kelin and Eric competed in Advanced and Ben Small, Patrick, Piper, Ben Manus, Ben Mione, Maxwell, Tyler, Aidan, Catherine, Indira, Anish and Zan competed in Novice.


First Place Novice Four-Person Team: Patrick, Ben Small, Ben Mione and Maxwell

Third Place Novice Two-Person Team: Ben Small and Patrick

Third Place Advanced Speaker: Emily Bruggeman

1) Emily was the top Advanced Speaker for our school with Jeren second.

2) Patrick and Maxwell tied for the Top Novice Speaker for our school followed by Ben Small then Ben Manus.

3) Ben Small and Patrick were undefeated.

4) It was Kelin and Zan's first debate competition ever!  Way to go!

5) It was Tyler and Indira's first competition in this league.