Ben Manus, Ben Mione, Maxwell, Jordan and Aidan competed in the Novice Division at CDA

Ben Mione and Maxwell were the First-Place Novice Team!!!

Maxwell took 3rd Place Novice Speaker!!!

More Highlights:

  • Jordan participated in his first-ever debate competition and won a round and got a second in the room.  Way to go Jordan!

  • Ben Mione took 9th Novice Speaker and Ben Manus took 14th.

  • Aidan got a First in the room.

  • Ben Manus got a First in the room twice.

  • Maxwell and Ben Mione took First and Second in all 3 rounds, with Maxwell taking First twice and Ben once.

  • Ben Mione received this comment: "Spoke very eloquently; thought quickly during cross-ex and presented confidently and used evidence to support!"