Nine Westfield middle schoolers - Tyler, Indira, Deidre, Abhi, Jaden, Benjamin Bassett, Laverne, Lucia and Claribel - Five Students who volunteered to judge - Patrick, Ben, Ben, Ben and Piper - Two Student spectators - Artemis and Maddie - and one Parent Coordinator - Ms. Volin - and I participated in the CDA Middle School debate competition yesterday at the Classical Magnet school.  159 middle schoolers from around the state competed debating the resolution - RESOLVED: This House would establish a program to revive extinct species and restore them to the environment.

Deidre took Second Place Speaker!!!

Abhi took Fourth Place Speaker!! Claribel, in her very first debate competition ever, took Tenth Place Speaker.

Jaden, in his very first debate competition ever, and only in his second month of debate classes, took Eighteenth Place!

Tyler and Benjamin Bassett, both in their first debate competition, scored in the top quarter of the debaters.

We won 6 out of 9 rounds!