Westfield traveled with 7 students to the CDA tournament to debate whether internet sites should be required to remove fake news.  Ben Small, Patrick, Brendan, AIdan, Oliver, Piper and Kyle attended and we met other Westfielders there.

Kyle and Piper made it to the Exhibition Round and faced off against Pomperaug.  On a 2-1 decision, they took Second Place Varsity Team and Oliver and Meghana took First Place Novice Team.  Sharon took 3rd place Novice team and Kumar took 6th Place Novice team.  

Piper took 4th Place Varsity Speaker, Kyle took 6th Place Varsity Speaker and Delaney 10th.  Meghana took 2nd Place Novice Speaker,  Kumar took 4th Place Novice Speaker, Oliver took 6th Novice Speaker and Sharon took 8th Novice Speaker.  

Many congrats to all!!