Yale Osterweis

11 of our debaters attended Yale's Osterweis debate competition this weekend: Kyle, Brendan, Piper, Sia, Aidan, Marlah, Meghana, Oliver, Ben Small, Benjamin Upperton, and Benjamin Mione.  Congratulations to Ben Mione and Ben Small who took first place Varsity Team winning all 4 rounds plus then winning their semi-final and final rounds on 3-0 decisions!!! Ben Small won 3rd place Varsity Speaker!! Here's a nice comment from Everett about Ben & Ben's Final Round: They got the definitional argument exactly right. Great job Bens!

Motions were:

Semis:  OPP on This House Believes That Space Exploration Should Not be Pursued by Public Institutions

Finals:  OPP on This House Believes That Environmental Groups Should Commit Violent Acts in Pursuit of their Aims