Yale MUN

We had a wonderful Yale MUN Conference!  For 4 days, the kids discussed and debated big ideas with 1400 students from around the world.  Our team of:  Kay-Lin, Seamus, Aidan, Ariel, Oliver, Ben Manus, Eva, Ben Mione, Marlah, Piper and Patrick represented our school so well.   This Conference requires a very large amount of logistical coordination.  We couldn't be prouder of how our kids behaved both inside and outside their committees.  They were mature and helpful and worked as a team which made everything flow very well.

And we met with amazing success!  The highest award in MUN is Best Delegate.  We received 2 which is absolutely incredible for a comparatively small delegation: Both Piper and Patrick got Best Delegate for their committees!!  Ben Mione received an Honorable Mention and Ben Manus and Marlah -- in her first high school MUN Conference! -- got what they called a "Shout Out" to commend their performances.  Ben Manus was in an Ad-Hoc Committee which meant the delegates didn't know their topic until they arrived making it even more challenging.  I always want to add that receiving any awards at a MUN Conference is quite unlikely. Only between 1 and 3% of students at a conference receive them. We are so fortunate at Westfield to receive so many but I want to stress that most students never do and the real prize is getting the opportunity to work together with other high schoolers from around the world to develop these incredibly important skills.