Thirteen Westfielders attended the Loomis Debate Tournament:  Gabi, Ben Upperton, Anish, Ryan, Meghana, Kumar, Piper, Kyle, Delaney, Maxwell, Ben Mione, Ben Small and Patrick.  They debated the viability of school vouchers.

Patrick won First Place Advanced and qualified to attend the World High School Debating and Public Speaking Competition in Australia!!  His partner, Ben Small took 3rd Place Advanced.  This is even more amazing because it was the first time either of them competed in the Advanced Division in this private school league.  They went against students from many schools including: Andover, Deerfield, Choate, Loomis and Exeter.

Meghana and Kumar took 3rd Place Novice team and the 4-person team of Patrick, Ben Small, Delaney and Maxwell took 3rd Place 4-Person Advanced team!

Other highlights:

  1. Delaney took First in the Room in each of the 3 rounds.
  2. It was Ryan's first competition.  He is an 8th grader and he got 2 First in the Rooms.
  3. Kyle took 2 First in the Rooms and he and Piper won all three rounds. 
  4. It was Gabi's first competition and he did very well.