Global Classrooms MUN, MS

17 of our middle schoolers headed to Manhattan and the United Nations for an international Model UN Conference. Ben Small, Maxwell, Gianna, Marlah, Deidre, Paul, Ben Mione, Ben Manus, Aidan, Patrick, Oliver, Carter, Anna, Naomi, Kay-Lin, Seamus and Piper participated. It was a wonderful, full 3 days. Each and every one of our delegates worked their hearts out and did a great job. The results were nothing short of amazing. Only between 1 and 4% of the participants receive awards at MUN conferences. Because we win so much, we forget this sometimes.   Westfield did incredibly well! Our delegates won the following awards:

  • Patrick and Ben Mione won Outstanding Delegation AND Best Position Paper.  
  • Anna and Ben Small won Honorable Mention AND Best Position Paper.  
  • Ben Manus and Carter won Honorable Mention for Mozambique WHO
  • Piper and Seamus won Honorable Mention for Yemen UNESCO
  • Oliver and Aidan won Honorable Mention for Yemen WHO