Eleven Westfield students participating in eleven different committees spent four days in New Haven arguing and debating and trying to solve issues of global importance with 1700 high schoolers from around the world.  We are so proud of each of them!  For Jeren, Avery and Jackson, it was their first MUN Conference.  For Patrick, Ben Small and Ben Mione, they were competing at a high school level even though they are in middle school!  We were told they were the youngest delegates of the 1700.  Anna, who flew in from Florida to do this (we were so happy to have her back!), Seamus, Chris, Ben Manus and Maxwell rounded out our delegation.

They give very few awards in MUN - probably only about 1 to 2% of delegates win one.  Amazingly, Westfield won 3 today!  Patrick won the highest award in his committee - Best Delegate!  He was representing Air Marshal Nur Khan and was in charge of the West Pakastani Air Force in 1971.  Patrick staged a military coup and became Prime Minister.  Jeren, after having only done MUN for a little over a month, won the second highest award in his committee - Outstanding Delegate.  That Jeren could do this after only doing MUN for such a short time is itself Outstanding!

It was our first time competing at Yale MUN.  Westfield won Best New School!!