HI Everyone,

Westfield has had an amazing two days!

Westfield competed at a  Connecticut Debate Association tournament Saturday.  Nathaniel Mione took First Place Varsity Speaker and Jeren Koh took Second Place!!  Nathaniel and Jeren were undefeated and were one of the two top teams so they participated in the Exhibition Debate.  Meghan and James were also undefeated in Varsity.  Benjamin Manus and Seamus Connors went 3 and 1 in Novice. There were over 200 debaters competing so these are incredible accomplishments.

Many thanks to Neil Manus and Matt Kahn who stepped up at the very last minute to be our judges!  And thank you to Ben Manus who stepped in to debate at the eleventh hour when another debater dropped.  And thanks to our Parent Coordinator, Karen Koh!!

                                                                         Mrs. H.