Global Classrooms MUN, MS

17 of our middle schoolers headed to Manhattan and the United Nations for an international Model UN Conference. Ben Small, Maxwell, Gianna, Marlah, Deidre, Paul, Ben Mione, Ben Manus, Aidan, Patrick, Oliver, Carter, Anna, Naomi, Kay-Lin, Seamus and Piper participated. It was a wonderful, full 3 days. Each and every one of our delegates worked their hearts out and did a great job. The results were nothing short of amazing. Only between 1 and 4% of the participants receive awards at MUN conferences. Because we win so much, we forget this sometimes.   Westfield did incredibly well! Our delegates won the following awards:

  • Patrick and Ben Mione won Outstanding Delegation AND Best Position Paper.  
  • Anna and Ben Small won Honorable Mention AND Best Position Paper.  
  • Ben Manus and Carter won Honorable Mention for Mozambique WHO
  • Piper and Seamus won Honorable Mention for Yemen UNESCO
  • Oliver and Aidan won Honorable Mention for Yemen WHO


Nine of our middle schoolers participated in a MUN simulation at Kingswood Oxford.  Paul, Lily, Deidre, Elijah, Patrick, Oliver, Kay-Lin, Conrad and Jackson served on the Security Council or the World Health Organizations and worked to come up with solutions to such pressing problems as the Oppression of Minorities and the the Transmission of Communicable Diseases. We had a wonderful day. We were very excited to have three award winners:  Patrick won Best Delegate; Lily won an Honorable Mention and Deidre won Most Improved Delegate! Each of the participants wrote their goal for the day in the morning. Every single one of them either met or exceeded their goals!  We are very proud of each of you!!

CDA Scrimmage, HS

Westfield had 6 debaters compete yesterday at the Connecticut Debate Association's tournament.  Westfield once again took to the stage as the top-ranked team going into the finals. Of their 3 rounds, Meghan took First in the room twice and Emily took First in the room once! Meghan and Emily wowed the audience with their debating skill and incredible grace and style. They ultimately took Second Place Varsity Team in a 2-1 decision.  We were very proud of them!!


Michael Troy and Benjamin Mione went 2-1 in Varsity!  One of the comments Michael received from a judge was:  "Gifted Speaker- presentation well stated.  Points were well made and supported."!!  Go Michael!  And a special thanks to Benjamin Mione who stepped up at the eleventh hour when we had an unexpected drop.  Even though Benjamin is in 9th grade and should be debating at the Novice level, he agreed to compete at the Varsity Level so that Michael would have a partner.  And what a day Benjamin had!!  At a Varsity level, he took two First in the room and ended up being ranked 17th Varsity Speaker overall which was very impressive.

Many thanks to Adam Bruggeman for judging for us.  And thank you to Jeren, Nathaniel, Ben and Michael for their wonderful team spirit during the Exhibition Debate!  I absolutely love how close our team is and how much we support each other.  Go Westfield!!  

We are very proud to announce that we now have now have 4 Westfield debaters who have qualified to compete in the CDA State Finals to be held on March 28th:  Emily, Nathaniel, Meghan and Jeren.  There is one more opportunity for Varsity and Novice debaters to qualify: the March 7th Tournament so mark your calendars!

CDA Scrimmage, MS

The team of Isabelle, Kay Lin and Paul took 8th place. They had enough speaker points and ranks in room to take third if they had not lost one round. They were followed closely by the team of Ben Small, Oliver and Deidre who took 9th place overall.  

Isabelle Kirschbaum was the highest ranked speaker in our school taking 10th place overall out of over 100 speakers! Congrats Isabelle!   Oliver Shulman was the second highest taking 13th place.

The team of Marlah, Annish and Naomi and the team of Noah, Falcon and Jack each won one round.  For Annish and Jack, it was their first ever time competing!

A huge thanks to three of our older debaters, Emily Bruggeman, Nathaniel and Jeren, for so generously spending their day judging!! They received rave reviews for their judging.

Missing because they were still debating:   Deidre, Ben S.   and Oliver    

Missing because they were still debating: Deidre, Ben S. and Oliver



Eleven Westfield students participating in eleven different committees spent four days in New Haven arguing and debating and trying to solve issues of global importance with 1700 high schoolers from around the world.  We are so proud of each of them!  For Jeren, Avery and Jackson, it was their first MUN Conference.  For Patrick, Ben Small and Ben Mione, they were competing at a high school level even though they are in middle school!  We were told they were the youngest delegates of the 1700.  Anna, who flew in from Florida to do this (we were so happy to have her back!), Seamus, Chris, Ben Manus and Maxwell rounded out our delegation.

They give very few awards in MUN - probably only about 1 to 2% of delegates win one.  Amazingly, Westfield won 3 today!  Patrick won the highest award in his committee - Best Delegate!  He was representing Air Marshal Nur Khan and was in charge of the West Pakastani Air Force in 1971.  Patrick staged a military coup and became Prime Minister.  Jeren, after having only done MUN for a little over a month, won the second highest award in his committee - Outstanding Delegate.  That Jeren could do this after only doing MUN for such a short time is itself Outstanding!

It was our first time competing at Yale MUN.  Westfield won Best New School!!


HI Everyone,

Westfield has had an amazing two days!

Westfield competed at a  Connecticut Debate Association tournament Saturday.  Nathaniel Mione took First Place Varsity Speaker and Jeren Koh took Second Place!!  Nathaniel and Jeren were undefeated and were one of the two top teams so they participated in the Exhibition Debate.  Meghan and James were also undefeated in Varsity.  Benjamin Manus and Seamus Connors went 3 and 1 in Novice. There were over 200 debaters competing so these are incredible accomplishments.

Many thanks to Neil Manus and Matt Kahn who stepped up at the very last minute to be our judges!  And thank you to Ben Manus who stepped in to debate at the eleventh hour when another debater dropped.  And thanks to our Parent Coordinator, Karen Koh!!

                                                                         Mrs. H.

Middle School MUNers

Friday, a group of our MUNers (Ben Mione, Patrick, Maxwell, Oliver, Marlah and Chris and Lily) participated in an Invitational Only Middle School MUN Conference in Boston.  To be invited to this Conference, you had to have won an award at an earlier conference or have been nominated.  It was an incredible day for these MUNers.  Upon arrival, they were assigned to be either a Defense or Treasury Minister or a Political Advisor for a particular country.  The whole day was filled with crisis simulations including the bio-weaponization of Ebola by ISIS, the kidnapping of the Mali delegation and a threatened war.  Many congrats to each of them for a job well-done!