Event Policies

Debate and Model UN

Eligibility to Participate

To be eligible to participate in a debate competition, a student must be currently registered for and attending a Westfield debate class. Similarly, to be eligible to participate in a MUN Conference, a student must be currently registered for and attending a Westfield Model United Nations class. To be eligible to participate in a Westfield event, all outstanding accounts due prior to the event must be paid up.

Partner and Conference Assignments

Mrs. H. will designate partners for competitions and make assignments for Conferences. She makes these decisions based on a variety of considerations. Requests - sent by email - will always be considered, but the ultimate decision will be made by Mrs. H. or the instructor.  

Parent Coordinator Role

A Parent Coordinator is assigned for each Westfield community event (such as World Affairs Council lectures & Connecticut Forums) and for each debate competition or Model United Nation conference. Parent Coordinators are parents who volunteer to help coordinate a specific event. As we are planning an event, we send out an email asking for a parent to volunteer to be a Parent Coordinator for that event.  No experience is necessary. This has been extremely successful and we thank those volunteers who have done such a wonderful job in the past. We are pleased to continue this initiative which helps us to make even more interesting and beneficial opportunities available to all Westfield students. Information will be on the website prior to each event.

Parental Attendance and Participation

Parents do not attend debate competitions or MUN conferences unless they are judging or helping Westfield in some other essential capacity.  Parents are warmly invited and encouraged to attend the Civics First competitions in the spring. You are more than welcome to sign up to judge at competitions although please realize judging does not allow you to watch your own child debate. If attending a competition or a MUN Conference as a judge, mentor, chaperone or in any other capacity, parents are representatives of Westfield. If they have questions or concerns about the competition or conference, they should bring these to the attention of the Westfield Coach attending the event. Parents are not to initiate any contact, either before, during or after any event, with any person in charge of, or working at, events that Westfield is attending or may attend including, but not limited to, judges, directors, organizers, chairs and tournament, competition or conference staff. While a student is enrolled at Westfield or participating in any Westfield program, any and all contact with any tournament or conference director or staff of any debate competition or MUN Conference will be made only by the Westfield coaches or staff.  When attending out-of-state competitions and conferences and those that require an overnight stay, students travel and stay together in the hotel as a team. Parents do not attend. The exceptions to this are the Boston Middle School MUN Conference in January and the GCI Middle School MUN Conference in March where parents may stay with their children in the hotel. Logistical questions about a competition or a MUN conference should be addressed to the Parent Coordinator. Substantive questions are to be addressed to Ann Walsh Henderson.

Pickup Procedure

Although it is sometimes difficult to forecast the exact end time of an event, please make every effort to pick up your child on time. Transportation details will be emailed to you prior to an event, but in the case where the end time is unsure, please have your child contact you once they know when you should pick them up; either from the venue or the car pool location. IF you pick up your child from the venue, please make sure the chaperone is aware that you are taking your child so they are not left hunting all over the building looking for missing children.

Event Fees and Refunds

Debate and Model UN events require payment up front. This payment is not refundable. Before a student registers to participate in these events, Westfield makes decisions and commitments, including non-refundable payments, based on an estimate of the number of students who will register. In addition to paying non-refundable fees to organizations, Westfield calculates the expenses that could include but are not limited to: transportation, tolls, parking, meals and hotel based on the number of estimated students who will register. Hotel and transportation charges will be tallied after the competition has been completed and divided by the number of debaters who registered. In the event of a multiple day debate competition, we don't know in advance who, if any of our debaters, will break. Therefore, it is necessary that we reserve and pay for hotel rooms. In the interest of fairness, this cost must be split equally among all the participants regardless if they decide to not take advantage of the extra accommodations.

We understand that things can change for many reasons, but please understand that refunds are not an option. This policy is necessary if we want it to be feasible for our students to participate in these events.

Coach Expenses

All event related expenses incurred by the team coach or advisor will be calculated and shared by all participants.  We will calculate these expenses prior to registration when possible otherwise we will do so post event.  It is our sincerest wish to keep these expenses as low as possible.  The usual coach/advisor expenses per event include but are not limited to: transportation, tolls, parking, meals, hotel.

Dress Code

Western business attire. Boys wear a jacket and tie; girls wear a skirt, pants, or dress and a sweater or jacket. If you are in need of any article of clothing please email us at Admin@WestfieldAcademy.net so we can put out a group email.  We have been pretty good at coming up with clothing to share.