East CoAst Middle School Championship

By Invitation Only

Saturday, April 14th, 2018 8:45am

Hackley School 293 Benedict Ave, Tarrytown, NY 10591

SaturDAY, MAy 5TH, 2018, 8:15am- 7:30pm

111 Columbia St, New York, NY 10002 (Lower East Side, Manhattan)



Karen Koh


This debate requires you to meet on two different days:

  • On Saturday, April 14th, meet Ms. Posner at Hackley School at 8:45am in the gym near the entrance. Parents will have to organize their transportation to and from this event.
    • Lunch (for participants only), will be a make your own sandwich bar with ham, turkey, roast beef + chips, fruit and drinks. 
    • Parents may stay and observe but will have to bring their own lunch or go to Tarrytown for lunch.
  • On Saturday, May 5th
    • Ms Posner, (203) 984-4902, will be your chaperone and will leave from her home at 238 Marshall Ridge Road in New Canaan 06840 at 6:30am.  Please arrive at her place by 6:15 so she can leave promptly at 6:30.
    • Bring enough food for the day as well as $15 for lunch or dinner. Ms. Posner may be able to run out to purchase a lunch or dinner, but can't promise. It's a super long day, so you'll need plenty of sustenance!
    • All debaters are allowed to use electronic devices during prep time, provided that the electronic device is set to airplane mode. There will be no WiFi at the tournament and plugs are scarce. Debaters are strongly advised to print out their materials in case their laptops run out of power. ESU staff will be randomly checking students during prep to make sure they are using their devices appropriately.

Topics for Debate

These topics are not in round order. Debaters should be prepared to debate all six topics; one will be selected as the championship debate topic, only to be debated by the top two teams.

  1. Ban the practice of requiring job applicants to disclose their criminal history.
  2. The US should adopt a universal guaranteed annual income.
  3. Reptiles should not be kept as pets.
  4. Credit card companies should not process sales of firearms.
  5. The Olympic Games should include E-sports.
  6. A nuclear attack on North Korea should be “off the table.”


The total deposit for both days for Registration, Participation and Judging is $150 payable here ===>.

The balance for transportation and parking in the city will be determined after the championship and split among the participants.