Important information pertaining to each week of camp

Please read all the way to the bottom


  • Location: The Hebrew High School, 300 Bloomfield Ave., West Hartford, 06117

  • Parking: There is a parking lot right in front.

  • Camp is a cell-phone-free zone for the campers: We have plenty to talk about and they have no need to be on their phones. We are a camp about communication and when everybody is on their phones this can get in the way of that. If possible, we highly recommend that campers leave their phones at home. If not, campers will check them in each morning with the Camp Administrative Director (CAD) who is always present at camp.  If parents need to get in touch with their children, they can call the CAD. If campers do bring their phones, please have them put a piece of tape with their name on it.

  • Camp start: Drop off is between 8:45 and 9:00.  If you will be dropping your child more than 5 minutes early, your child will join the before-care group for that day. Camp will begin at 9:00 AM sharp, since we have full days planned.

  • Camp end: Camp ends at 4:15 PM.  Please arrive on time. Campers who are not picked up by 4:20 will join the after-care group for that day.

  • Sign in/out: Each day, all campers must be signed in and out at the admitting table with the CAD. A signed permission form from the registered parent is required and must be given to the CAD at the sign-in table prior to leaving your camper in the morning if

    • someone else will be picking up your camper,
    • a camper under age 18 will arrive or leave without an adult signature. This includes campers who are walking or biking to camp.
  • Late arrival, early pick-up: If you will be late or must pick up your camper early, please let the CAD know ahead of time. If you will be picking up your camper more than 5 minutes late, your camper will join the after-care group for that day.

  • Early Drop-off/Late Pick-up Supervision: AM or PM only: $15; AM & PM $25; (siblings receive a $5 discount):

    • Early Drop-off Supervision: ($15/day) is available beginning at 8:00AM. Please fill in the Early Drop-off_Late Pick-up Supervision form and hand it and payment to the CAD at drop-off.

    • Late Pick-up Supervision: If you find you are running more than 5 minutes late for pick-up one day, your camper will join the after-care group for that day for $15. Payment must be made on pick-up.

  • Food (lunches/snacks) and Water: Please send a couple of snacks, lunch, and plenty to drink for your camper each day. We recommend sending your camper with a water bottle that he or she can refill but please remember to clearly mark their name on it. We will have lots of cold water in case anyone forgets drinks. Lunch must be sent in a bag/container with your camper's name on it as we are required to refrigerate lunches. Snacks should be sent separately and kept with the camper's backpack to make them more easily accessible. Snacks are not required to be refrigerated.

  • Allergies, nut products: Nuts or nut products are not allowed. We know this can be difficult, but food allergies can be life threatening.  We want to work together to ensure the safety of all the participants. Thank you for your understanding.

    • If your camper has any food allergies or seasonal allergies please let us know asap if you have not already done so upon registration. We will be eating ice-cream one day and there might be some other food brought in (i.e. candy for a prize) so we want to make sure everyone is ok to eat it.

  • Items to bring: Each day, your camper must bring a 3-ring binder with blank paper in it and two or more pens. Please make sure their name is on it and that they bring the binder and pens each day of camp.

  • Prescription/over-the-counter medication, including Epi-pens: Please note that the following are the State's rules, not ours. All medication must be given to the CAD in the morning. If your camper has a medication that is taken daily, please have them take it before camp if possible.

    • Prescription medication to be taken during camp including Epi-pens and Inhalers: The State requires we have the completed doctor's form including the ‘Authorization for Self-Administration’ form.

  • All medications must be in their original container. The container must have a label that includes the following information: 
    • date of prescription 
    • camper’s name 
    • name of medication 
    • directions for the medicines administration
  • Over-the-counter medication to be taken during camp: The State requires an authorization signed by the doctor. Medication should be in its original container.

  • Sunscreen: The State does not allow us to give campers sunscreen. If you use it, please have your camper put on sunscreen prior to the beginning of the camp day and put some in their pack to reapply later. Presuming the weather is nice, we will be outside a bunch.

  • Respect: Throughout the week we will be stressing that the one inviolable rule in this program is Respect - both for each other and for yourself. We will all work hard to create an emotionally safe, friendly and positive environment in which to learn and practice these skills.

  • Closing Ceremony: Families are invited to camp at 3:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon to watch their camper's debate. There will be also be a closing ceremony, slideshow and ice-cream. Campers who are attending multiple weeks will be recognized their final week.

  • Program Assistants: We are fortunate to have an abundance of amazing collegiate Program Assistants. Our guess is we have the best ratio of Staff to Participant of any program in CT! This allows us to really individualize each camper's experience.



Our now-famous "Speak Off" competition will begin each Monday. This is a fun, positive activity with which we begin each morning. Returning campers know all about this - it is a highlight. Campers recite from memory speeches or poems they have selected.  Let your children know that they will be psyched to do this so they should start thinking about speeches, monologues or poems they like and begin memorizing parts of them to recite during the “Speak Off”. If the student is having a difficult time finding a workable speech, we have a great book of famous speeches for students to peruse for ideas.

For the new campers, these should be approximately somewhere between a half minute and 2 minutes long. For the returning students, these should be between 1 and 3 minutes long. There is no pressure but the kids love this competition! Every camper usually does at least one by the end of the week and most do multiple.

We will explain in detail how it works Monday morning. Basically kids may recite as often as they want, even every day should they desire. The camper will receive points for each day they recite. At our week’s end celebration, the individual who has accumulated the most points will win a prize. We will also have our induction ceremony into the highly coveted "Order of Loquacious Knights".  We are constantly amazed at all the eagerly waving hands waiting for their turn to speak each and every morning. New campers, but only new campers, will be allowed to read on Monday if they want. Normally, it is from memory.

Returning Campers Please Note:  Please plan to do speeches and/or poems that you have never recited before. There are so many wonderful possibilities this should not be difficult.  And, yes, Spencer does remember! Please note that this year, we will have a special prize for the returning debater who accumulates the highest points.

Daily Themes

Each day (except Monday) our campers and staff dress according to the theme of the day.  This is totally optional, but so much fun! Following are some sample themes!

  • Tuesday - History Day,
  • Wednesday - Sea World,
  • Thursday - Wild West, and,
  • Friday - Westfield T-Shirt Day!