CT Middle School Debate League Scrimmage


Bethel Middle School, 600 Whittlesey Dr., Bethel CT 06801

Middle School Debaters in Grades 5-8

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Karen Koh

This scrimmage will be the first event in the Connecticut Middle School League. Once we have a list of who will attend, Mrs. H. will assign teams which are made up of 3 debaters. Once teams are assigned, the team members should get to work preparing both the Proposition and the Opposition cases.  Note, this is a scrimmage and not a tournament. 

Scrimmages begin with demo rounds and workshops and there are no awards or rankings. The purpose of a scrimmage is to improve your debating, to meet other middle school debaters from around the state and to have fun. This scrimmage is open to all our debaters up to eighth grade. All our middle school debaters, even our new debaters, are strongly encouraged to participate.

This scrimmage is appropriate for all middle schoolers and it is a wonderful opportunity. We have the biggest, most experienced middle school debate program in the state. Many of the students who come to the scrimmage will be brand new to debate. A number of schools are just forming middle school teams for the first time in response to the formation of this league. So, even our debaters who just started this fall will be more experienced than some of the other team members.


Mrs. H. is going to be with a group of our older debaters in Montreal for the McGill British Parliamentary Invitational Debate Tournament on the day of the scrimmage. Therefore, we will need to arrange carpools to get the kids to the scrimmage. Please indicate if you are able to drive students either or both ways that day.  Ms. Posner will be at the tournament but has asked for a parent volunteer to stay for the day to help since Ms. Posner is in charge of the whole scrimmage and so will have other responsibilities. You will be prompted to volunteer to chaperone, judge and/or drive when you register.  


Arrival & Registration 9:30 - 9:45

Demo Debate 9:50 - 10:30 

Workshops for Debaters, and Judges & Timers 10:45-11:45

Round 1:   12:00 - 12:40

Lunch:      12:45 - 1:15

Round 2:   1:30 - 2:10

Debrief and Depart:    2:15 - 2:30


The scrimmage will feature a demonstration debate by experienced debaters. After the demo, the middle school debaters will participate in a workshop followed by two practice rounds, where they will debate in favor of the motion during one debate and against the motion in the other. This is called a switch-side debate so debaters will be preparing and arguing both sides.


This House believes that (THBT) National Service should be compulsory in the United States.

Parental Attendance

Parents do not attend these competitions unless they are judging or chaperoning. We would love to train you and have you come as a judge!  Judging is very fun.  Parents who do it usually want to do it again.  Many parents become "regulars" and come to really enjoy these days. You are warmly invited and encouraged to attend the state competitions in the spring to see your child debate.


Debaters may pack their lunches or buy tickets for pizza and drinks when they arrive. Pizza will be $2 per slice and bottles of water and lemonade will be $1 each. 


There is a participation fee for each student of $56 which includes the tournament and judging fee. We are required to provide trained judges. Mrs. H. will ask some of our older debaters to volunteer to judge for us. Please register here: