These classes have become wonderful communities. A huge emphasis is placed on respecting each other and positive reinforcement. We work together to ensure a safe environment in which to learn and develop these skills. By registering for these classes and joining the Westfield community, both parents and students agree to follow all Westfield policies. Members of Westfield agree to act in a manner consistent with supporting the Westfield community and, when competing, in a manner consistent with the best interests of the team and always in a respectful and polite manner to all.


Westfield Academy believes every child has the right to experience its classes, lectures, conferences, field trips, competitions and other extra-curricular events in a safe and respectful environment. Westfield reserves the right to limit participation in any extra-curricular Westfield event. Limits are set for participants and parents and boundaries are explained. If the boundaries are tested, specific procedures are used to help the participant to continue his/her experience in a positive manner while ensuring safety and a respectful environment for the other participants and the community. This discipline policy attempts to let students and parents know that certain behaviors are not acceptable in certain settings. This policy also involves the parents before problems escalate and invites them to be a part of the solution. Having said this, the truth is that over the years we have had incredibly few instances of any behavioral problems.

Drop Off and Pick up

Please do not drop your child off early for any class.  We take the safety of your children very seriously and need to know who is in the building at all times.  If we are teaching, we cannot have unmonitored children in the building.

Visiting Students

Each visiting student must register for a trial class. We love to have your friends join us in class, but before you bring them, please email us at so we may invite your friends and send them the trial class link. They will also be asked to complete our waiver and release forms, as it is imperative that we know who is in our classes, what their allergies are, and their parents’ contact and medical information in case of an emergency.

Lunch and Breaks

Westfield students may not leave the Meetinghouse at any time during the day while attending classes. This policy also applies to full-day students taking part in the Thursday lunch program. On Thursdays, students have the option of being either inside or outside during lunch and breaks; there is an adult present in the Meetinghouse at all times. Students are, of course, free to leave during lunchtime with their parent. If they will be leaving with someone else, please send your student in with a permission note. If you elect to take your child out during lunchtime, please inform the designated lunch monitor.

At the end of the day, students are welcome to play outside after classes but only if a parent or other adult is present supervising them.

Work Outside of Class

We know our students are busy and, therefore, we don't have much work that needs to be done outside of class. If students are preparing for a debate competition or a MUN Conference where we are given the topic or committee assignment ahead of time, to do well and be properly prepared, students must commit to doing work outside of class. In those situations, they are expected to attend class having researched that week’s topic and being prepared to debate or conduct MUN simulations, as applicable. In those situations, students would also be expected to work with their team members to complete research assignments. Because our students come from all over the state and even neighboring states, they have the option to connect by phone, email, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or in person to complete their research. In our experience, this is not an issue. Students are engaged and want to do well; we have very few issues with them attending class unprepared.

Virtual Class Participation/VideoConferencing

For all Intermediate and Advanced Debate, and AM Model UN classes only

We use ZOOM to videoconference our classes. ZOOM is an online videoconferencing program similar to Google Hangouts and Skype. It works very well on both ends. It is especially nice because it has helpful tools, like allowing instructors to share their screen with others. These are the steps as to how to create an account:

1. Create an online account at

  • Enter your email as requested (you will be sent a verification email),

  • From the verification email, click on the activation link,

  • Follow the ensuing instructions to finalize your account.

2. Download the Zoom application to your computer (the file size is small)

3. Prior to the start of class, use Join ID#: 911-276-166 to enter the ZOOM classroom.

  • You will be asked how you would like your audio input set-up to work, which is very straightforward and takes 30 seconds at most.

4. You should be all set!

Please read the following policies carefully before participating virtually in a class. They are designed to ensure that your virtual participation will be as close as possible to being physically present. They are also designed to minimize any disruption or loss of class time for your fellow students who are in the classroom.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not on our virtual call list, we will not accept your call midway through the class. Students who have not previously informed us of their intent to attend their class virtually, must email us at at least one hour before the start of class.  If it is less than one hour prior to the start of class, please text (860) 371-5849, and include your full name and time you expect to dial in.

If you run into any problems during the class, it is your responsibility to call the tech phone number listed here. That will be the person who is responsible for monitoring the virtual students' technology for that day. If your wi-fi goes down during class, you can continue the class by phone which also works well so please make sure you have a charged cell phone available to use.  

If you cannot find or connect to the tech number listed you may text Mrs. Koh at: (860) 371-5849.

Video-conferencing rules

  1. You must be in a spot with a good, strong wi-fi connection.

  2. You must have good headphones with a microphone.

  3. Please mute yourself when you are not speaking to cut down on background noise.

  4. Write down that day's tech number. Please note that this may change some weeks, so always check just prior to class.

  5. Have a cell phone available and charged to use (in case).

  6. Students who will video conference the whole semester must let us know at the beginning of semester that this is the case.

  7. Students who will sometimes join us via video conferencing, please email us at with your intent to join class via a video conference up to one hour prior to class.

Class Cancellations and Absenteeism

In the event of a student absence, it is important we know ahead of time so that we can properly arrange debate partners for those students who will be present.  Please notify us at least one day in advance by emailing  If it is the last minute, please text: 860-940-0813 and include the student's name.

If you elect to miss a class, or are unable to attend class, we encourage remote (via ZOOM) participation. Because tuition is calculated per semester, Westfield Academy does not offer reimbursements or compensatory classes for absences that occur because students have conflicts, travel out of town, etc. or due to illness.

Class is rarely cancelled, and is only cancelled as a last resort. In inclement weather, we will use technology to connect with anyone who is not able to safely travel to the Quaker Meeting House. If a class is cancelled, Westfield Academy will arrange a make-up class that is workable for the majority of students.

Tuition Semester Structure

All classes are divided into 2 semesters. By registering for the fall session, you are making a commitment to attend and pay for this program for the fall semester with the intention to sign up again for the winter/spring semester. It is very rare for a student to not continue to the winter/spring semester. We will presume every student is returning for the winter/spring session unless we hear otherwise by the third week of November.

If a student decides to not continue the class during the semester for any reason, they are still responsible for the remainder of that semester’s tuition. Alternatively, they can find a replacement to take their place in the class provided we determine that the replacement is a good fit for the class. Our overhead expenses do not change with the departure of a student during the course of a year.  By registering for Westfield classes, parents agree to pay the tuition even if their child withdraws from Westfield, or is dismissed by us before the end of the school year for violation of school policies or for acting in a manner that harms the Westfield community.  

Tuition is calculated per semester. In addition to class, tuition covers numerous opportunities throughout the year that Westfield Academy makes available to its students such as lectures and special events like the Connecticut Forum talks. Westfield Academy arranges for tickets - usually free - for its students for these events, and coordinates and chaperones the students.

Westfield students will also have the opportunity to compete in numerous state, regional and international competitions. These competitions involve additional costs.

Tuition Refunds

Cost decisions are based on enrollment numbers, therefore, our class refund policy is as follows. Thank you for your understanding.

  • 75%  -  60 days prior to first day of class

  • 50%  -  45 days prior to first day of class

  • 15%   -  30 days prior to first day of class

Paying by Installments

If you elect to pay in two (fall) or three (winter/spring) installments, these installments are due as noted on the Tuition and Payment page.  

Multiple Child Discount

For families with three or more registered children, the youngest child(ren) past two children will be refunded the registration fee after having registered.