Class Dates and Times


The Quaker Meetinghouse, 144 South Quaker Lane in West Hartford, CT 06119

Thursday's Classes


Class Times

11:00-12:30   Model United Nations: Ann Walsh Henderson

1:45-4:15      Thursday Advanced/Intermediate: Ann Walsh Henderson, Jen Posner

4:55-5:55     Introduction to Debate and Public Speaking: Scott Walkinshaw

4:25-5:55     Thursday Intermediate: Ann Walsh Henderson, Jen Posner

4:25-5:55     Model United Nations: Patrick Henderson

4:25-5:55     Annex Class


Start: Thursday, September 12th;  End: Thursday, December 12th.


Start: Thursday, January 9th;  End: Thursday, May 21st

Monday's Classes


Class Times

4:00-6:00    Monday Intermediate: Jen Posner

6:15-8:45     Monday Advanced/Intermediate Debate: Ann Walsh Henderson, Jen Posner, Scott Walkinshaw


Start: Monday, September 9th;  End: Monday, December 9th.


Start: Monday, January 6th;  End: Monday, May 19th.

*Monday classes on Holidays will be held the following Tuesday at Watkinson School: 180 Bloomfield Ave., Hartford CT 06105.