CDA Novice Scrimmage

Saturday, September 29th, 2018 8:30 - 3:15

Academy of Aerospace and Engineering 1101 Kennedy Road, Windsor, CT

Registration is closed

(Debaters in 9-12th grades)

Demonstration debate by experienced Varsity teams and two rounds of debate for Novices. 

Varsity debaters are invited to judge.



Amy Kirschbaum


Any Freshman, Sophomore or Junior who has never debated in the CDA is eligible to debate in this Novice Scrimmage. Second year novices (those who debated last year in CDA but will also be in the Novice Division this year) may observe but not debate. Seniors, even if they are new to debate, are not eligible to debate in the Novice Scrimmage, though they may, and we encourage them to, attend as observers.


A demonstration debate between experienced CDA Varsity teams, a preparation period, and two rounds of debate. The preparation period will be split, with time before the demonstration round to review the resolution and read the packet, and time after the demonstration round to complete case preparation. The two rounds of debate will permit each Novice team to debate once as Affirmative and once as Negative.

Novice Scrimmage Schedule

JUDGING: We need Experienced Varsity Debaters!

A wonderful opportunity for advanced debaters to get judging experience which is invaluable training to improve your own debating.

We ask our experienced Varsity Debaters to please judge in this scrimmage. For this scrimmage, experienced Varsity debaters may serve as judges. Student-judges should be planning to debate at the Varsity level for the upcoming 2018-19 season, Juniors and Seniors preferred. Since we expect all judges will be students, the Judges Workshop will be oriented toward teaching the Varsity debaters about judging. In order to make sure all Varsity debaters who attend get a chance to judge, we may, in some cases, assign multiple judges per round if we have more judges than required. 


The debates and returning ballots will be scored, but no trophies will be awarded.


Parents do not attend these competitions unless you are judging.  We are always looking for parents who would like to serve as judges!  You are warmly invited and encouraged to attend the state competitions in the spring.


There will be donuts, juice and coffee in the morning. For lunch, the host school will sell tickets for pizza and soda. Students may bring their own food, and students with special dietary needs should definitely bring their own food. Most schools do not have restaurants nearby and the time for lunch is short, so students and judges should not expect to have time to go elsewhere for lunch. Some schools sell candy or baked goods during the tournament, but students may want to bring snacks for between rounds. Debaters may want to carry a water bottle during the rounds.

What to Bring

Students should have highlighters, paper and writing instruments to flow. In addition, CDA tournaments allow students to bring a dictionary, a Constitution and an Almanac.


The fee for Novice Debaters is $52; the fee for Observers is $20. Please register and pay your fee online to the right. Varsity debaters who are judging may attend free. Please email with interest.