Summer Camp Registration Paperwork is due by June 1, 2018

Please understand the importance of your and your camper’s health and the health of our entire community

A complete medical form is a mandatory requirement for your child's attendance at camp. As partial fulfillment of registering for camp, you are agreeing to submit complete medical forms (two parts - physicians reference form and medical health/history) as a part of enrollment requirements. If you do not send a medical/health history prior to your/your child's attendance, you/your child will not be admitted to camp.

Registration Packet for camp

  1. Please do not bring these forms to the camp; they must be either emailed or mailed (and received) as per the instructions in the packet.
  2. A current State Health form (valid for three years) must be filled in by your child's physician. If you have previously participated in our summer camp, and have submitted the State Health form, please verify that we still have it.
  3. As part of the registration process, we ask that you submit a digital picture of your camper to This photograph will be used only in house to help our instructors match your child's name to their faces. If your child's name is one that is commonly mispronounced, please include an audio of the proper pronunciation.