Annex Classes - watch for updates

Registration and sign-up for these classes is done independently from Debate and Model UN classes. Annex classes follow the same calendar as the Debate classes. See payment information below each class heading.

Location: The Quaker Meetinghouse, 144 South Quaker Lane in West Hartford, CT 06119

Ask about our virtual attendance option.

Creative Writing - Emily Falkowski

Ages: Appropriate for ages: 12 - 18

Date and Time: Thursdays 3:55 - 4:55 PM (September 19 - December 12, 2019)

Cost: $254

This class will be split into 3 main activities:

  1. writing analysis and discussion, looking at published works like short stories and discussing them,

  2. generating writing prompts in class, and,

  3. presentation and feedback.

Students will present work and offer constructive feedback on each other’s writing. Emily will provide detailed written and verbal feedback for each of the students’ papers.

Competitive Speaking and Writing - Emily Falkowski

Ages: Appropriate for ages: 12 - 18

Date and Time: Mondays 4:30 - 6:00 PM (September 23 - December 9, 2019)

Cost: $299

This class will focus on teaching students the skills necessary to participate in competitive speaking events and help them prepare for the different styles.  There are 3 opportunities during the year to attend Speaking competitions. In addition, these events are done at the World High School Debate and Speaking Competition. But, it is not necessary to commit to competing to make this class worthwhile.  These events teach really valuable skills. After dinner speech, for example, is a competitive speech format that encourages students to explore satire as a way to deconstruct issues and make them relatable and interesting to a larger group of people. The category rewards humor, creativity, and innovative thinking. Persuasive speaking requires the student to present a problem and a solution, but prioritizes creative problem solving, research and practicality over satire. We will work on the writing and presentation skills necessary to be successful in both.  Students will pick one of these categories and write and present it to the class. We will also work on Impromptu speeches, another competitive staple that requires quick thinking, and really aids in honing organization skills when it comes to public speaking. 

In class, students will become familiar with the formats, develop writing, edit, and work on performance. The instructor will help the students edit and refine their pieces.  This class is perfect for students who are already interested in debate and want to take their competitive skills to the next level, as well as those who want to learn about new opportunities to compete. This class is also for students who are interested in advocacy, but might not have quite found their fit with debate so far. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you have.  Please feel free to come to the first class as a trial class and check it out. This is always very popular - kids love it!