PROGRAM Coordinator

Karen Koh - At age 6, Karen was introduced to the punch card machine. From then on she has enjoyed learning about and working with a variety of operating systems and software programs. After working as an electrical then a medical planning draftsperson for a number of years, she was offered the opportunity to create her drawings using AutoCAD on a desktop computer. Karen returned to school part-time and eventually earned her Computer Science degree from Texas A&M while employed as the CAD Manager for Siemens Medical Systems where she implemented and maintained their Planning Department's nationwide CAD program. 

Because her children eagerly partake in both Model UN and debate classes and their related events, Karen knew Westfield Academy must be very special. Thus, she volunteered to assist with Westfield’s website maintenance and administration.  Westfield is so fortunate to have Karen and her amazing computer and organizational skills.



This is Michelle's second summer at Westfield Academy! Michelle is currently working at Cherry Brook Primary School as a permanent building substitute and holds her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. She has just completed her Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education at the University of Saint Joseph's. She loves working with children and watching them learn and grow and experience the world through their own eyes!

In her spare time, Michelle loves to travel and spend time with her family and friends. She is excited to be part of the staff at Westfield Academy for the summer!

Past SUMMER CAMP Administrator AND NURSE

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Pamela Potter - Pamela has a background in Interior Design and worked in the field for a number of years, at one time managing a small Interior Design firm. Pamela has been a resident of Deep River for thirty years and an active member of the community serving on the Elementary School Board, the Park and Rec Commission, the Deep River Conservation Trust, and the Committee for the Restoration of the Town Landing. She currently serves on the Deep River Design Advisory Board and is a member of the Elephant Tusk Force, a town initiative collaborating with Wildlife Direct in Kenya to increase awareness of the plight of the African elephant due to the illegal ivory trade. Pamela homeschooled her two sons through high school, providing them with a wide range of academic and extra curricular opportunities; debate has been a very important part of the curriculum. Pamela’s younger son has been debating with Westfield Academy for five years and her older son was in one of Ann’s first classes many years ago. The debate process, with its emphasis on critical thinking, effective communication, independent research and teamwork has provided her children with many valuable skills that have served them well and will continue to do so, in college, in the workplace and as they make their way in the world. This is Pamela's fourth summer of Debate and MUN camp and has proven herself to be a vital part of Westfield Academy's dynamic and dedicated group!

Past Summer Camp Administrative Director and Annex Instructor

Stacy Kluczwski - Westfield is very excited to welcome Stacy Kluczwski to our community!! Stacy is an experienced American Sign Language (ASL) instructor and a truly gifted teacher. She created an American Sign Language Program at Watkinson from whole cloth which became a foundational program in Watkinson's language department where she taught for nine years. The program grew to the point where it was one of the largest of the languages taught. While at Watkinson, Stacy also assisted in pioneering an English Language Learners (ELL) program.

Stacy double majored in Education and Geography.  She has taught in private and public school settings. Stacy also earned a Linguistics MS in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Stacy brings tremendous creativity, excitement and joy to her classes. My daughter Meghan was fortunate enough to have Stacy as her teacher for 4 years and still feels that she is one of the best teachers she ever had.  Your children are being offered a very special opportunity to have the chance to work with Stacy!