About Annex Classes

Periodically, special courses will be offered by the Westfield Academy Annex that complement the Debate and MUN courses offered throughout the year. These are not your typical classes. Discussion based and multidisciplinary in nature, the intellectual openness and community within Annex classrooms allow each and every student to engage more deeply and personally with material than they would in traditional classrooms: discovering passions for topics they might have thought boring, or new ways of approaching areas of longstanding interest. When students, guided by a passionate and qualified teacher, have the opportunity to craft their own understanding of ideas and make them relevant to their experiences, they become more passionate learners and more empowered individuals.

Within this framework, whole new worlds of intellectual experience become accessible; we strongly believe that middle and high school aged students can handle more complex or dense material (for example, political philosophy or economics) when they have the opportunity to discuss them in a safe yet rigorous classroom environment where it is cool to be smart and think deeply about the world. The level of discussion that we routinely witness in these classes has been inspiring and enlightening; the Westfield Annex is one of the few places where students of this age can take part in such high level, nuanced and stimulating discussions.  No matter their background, it has always been our experience that students who come willing to join the discussion Find Their Voice in a whole new way!